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Why you will see a surcharge on your bill -


Beginning September 20th, 2019, we began implementing a 2% livable wage surcharge to each bill in the restaurant.  This decision came in reaction to the widening wage gap in our industry between tipped and non-tipped employees.  In light of the upcoming increases to minimum wage we are making this small change to our business model with the belief that it is a fair, effective and sustainable approach to correcting a longstanding issue in our industry.


You may want to know:


Why not raise prices to cover the cost of inflation and the rising minimum wage? Good question.


Raising menu prices across the board only widens the gap in pay between the tipped and non-tipped employees on staff. By implementing the surcharge we are able to raise the pay of the members of our kitchen staff and are thereby able help to correct the disparity.


Rest assured, 100% of the surcharge is being distributed to our kitchen employees based on the number of hours worked.  We are and will remain completely transparent with respect to how this money is distributed, and to whom.


As owners and employers we invite you to seek us out if you have any questions or concerns. Our goal is an equitable work place that loves, supports and respects all of its members. We consider ourselves a family and, as such we appreciate your support as we move to correct this imbalance.


Ty, Heather and Austin