In January, Café Marmotte Will Become Restaurant Olivia

Changes coming to Cafe Marmotte

From 5280 Magazine:


Co-owner Heather Morrison’s nine-year-old Italophile daughter is the inspiration behind the menu switch from French bistro favorites to fresh pastas and Italian classics like chicken marsala.

Olivia Hartley loves reading, music, and all things Harry Potter; she may one day star in a band she’d like to call Brown Butter. But pasta… the nine-year-old daughter of Café Marmotte co-owner Heather Morrison (and step-daughter to co-owner Austin Carsonadores pasta, as well as focaccia, gelato, and pretty much anything else linked to Italian cuisine. “It’s so delicious,” she says, tucking into a bowl of lobster spaghetti she made with Café Marmotte’s third co-owner, Ty Leon, on a recent evening at Morrison and Carson’s home in southeast Denver. I was there to meet Olivia, watch the group make fresh pasta, and learn why Morrison, Carson, and Leon decided to name their first brick-and-mortar restaurant after the fourth grader.

Sweet and smiling—and eager to help roll spaghetti alla chitarra and fold tortellini—Olivia is a natural muse for the Café Marmotte trio. Leon has known her since she was four years old, when he became partners with Morrison and Carson at Avanti Food & Beverage’s Bistro Georgette. (The team had already spent years working together at Frank Bonanno’s Mizuna, with Leon in the kitchen, Morrison working the floor as a server, and Carson reigning behind the bar.)

Watch for special preview dinners of the new concept, Restaurant Olivia, in December and New Year’s Eve.

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